Born from a bank, CivITas Bank Solutions provides tailored information security

and technology knowledge to support community banks’ needs.



With years of expertise in regulation & compliance, CivITas provides a diverse range of technology / security solutions for community banks.




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“I have been in the security field for 7 years, and have been in love with technology and hacking for about 20.


One of my earliest attempts at programming I crashed my computer in a Visual Basic loop. I have written security articles published in regional banking publications, presented at banking conferences in two states, and can talk for hours about security.


As a lover of Linux and advocate for open source software solutions, I can teach you how to build a home lab on the cheap.”


Chris Tuzeneu | VP -Information Security 

Some common-sense tactics for staying informed on the IT and IS front

Keep password importance and safety top of mind

Travel safe, travel secure

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