Important update regarding this workshop

CivITas Bank Solutions and Bankers’ Bank of the West have received positive feedback for providing a “banking-centric” workshop for information security & technology professionals.  Unfortunately, we have encountered some availability challenges for attendees with the scheduled November dates, so will are postponing the event to 2023 to ensure as many IT Bankers as possible are able to attend. 

We remain dedicated to creating an immersive and beneficial experience for you.  Please stay tuned for the new dates as they are made available. 

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...coming in 2023

Born from a bank, CivITas Bank Solutions provides tailored information security

and technology knowledge to support community banks’ needs.



With years of expertise in regulation & compliance, CivITas provides a diverse range of technology / security solutions for community banks.

Vulnerability Scanning,



Penetration Testing (VSEP)

Testing the security posture of your community bank is made easier by customizing a solution that fits your network’s needs.

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Network Monitoring


Respond to network issues in real-time and protect your financial institution from unnecessary downtime.




Officer (vCISO)

Engaging the expertise of an information security officer on an on-demand basis enables your financial institution to protect its infrastructure, data, people and customers, while aligning with its resources and structure.

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Consulting Services


The needs of your community bank are unique. Engaging in personalized consultative solutions provides support for projects of any size.

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“I have been in the security field for 7 years, and have been in love with technology and hacking for about 20.


One of my earliest attempts at programming I crashed my computer in a Visual Basic loop. I have written security articles published in regional banking publications, presented at banking conferences in two states, and can talk for hours about security.


As a lover of Linux and advocate for open source software solutions, I can teach you how to build a home lab on the cheap.”


Chris Tuzeneu | VP -Information Security 

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