Why is “born from a bank” so important?

The banking industry is not only heavily regulated & audited, it is also one of the highest industries attacked by cyber criminals. This requires securing community banks with a unique and niche set of knowledge plus availability that most cybersecurity companies cannot offer.


“Being in the community banking industry for over 15 years, I have built many great relationships with customers and many of them I now call friends. Beginning my career in Wyoming, I was tasked to assist the CFO/CIO with many IT/IS services which sparked my interest in business technology. I will assist in finding solutions to provide the services necessary to keep your bank efficient and secure.”


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Vulnerability Scanning, Social Engineering, Penetration Testing (VSEP)

- Assess computers, networks or applications for weaknesses arising from mis-configurations or flawed programming

- Perform an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system

- Test employees’ adherence to the security policies and practices defined by management

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vContractual Information Security Officers (vCISOs) can provide value to your financial institution by helping with the overall information security program, including:

- Information security planning and management activities

- Security risk management activities

- Evaluation of third parties with access to organizational data

- Initiatives affecting information practices

- Coordination of audits by regulators or customers.

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Consulting Services 

- Assist with both short- and long-term information security and technology projects.

- Advise on hiring information security and technology professionals.

- Provide an information security perspective on contracts or vendors.

- Provide personalized training to employees and directors.

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Network Monitoring 

- Provide visibility into the network and how data is moving.

- Identify and correct issues that can undermine performance.

- Reduce manual work for IT staff.

- Obtain early insight into future infrastructure needs.

- Identify security threats faster

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Anne Benigsen, President, CivITas Bank Solutions explain the source of the partnership with CSI, along with the resulting benefits.


Looking to Strengthen Your Bank's IT Management? 

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IT Infrastructure Management


IT Security Management - monitor, manage and analyze your IT Environment with services from firewall management to web content filtering Requirements


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Are you exploring information about Cloud infrastructure? 


Simplify Your Approach to IT Management 

Enable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Stay Compliant With the Latest Regulatory Requirements


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Types of Cloud architecture

Benefits of the public Cloud

Enhancing user experience with virtual desktop infrastructure

What's limiting public cloud adoption? 

Moving forward with the cloud

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 Are you looking for IT infrastructure options that are secure, compliant and optimized?


Monitor and manage cybersecurity threats

Monitoring logs around the clock 

Delivering real-time incident response & remediation

SIEMaaS: Your Platform for Advanced Protection

Broad device support 

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Exploring current & evolving cyber threats

Enhancing your cybersecurity defenses

Partnering with a Trusted provider for managed cybersecurity

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5 Components of a Holistic Cybersecurity Approach

by Rachael Schwartz - Director of Strategic Alliance, CSI

Featured in Bankers' Bank of the West's (a sister subsidiary of CivITas) 2021 4th Quarter newsletter. 

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