Here to provide training and education geared specifically for IT professionals in the banking industry. 

Breaking Into Banking

CivITas Bank Solutions and Bankers’ Bank of the West have received positive feedback for providing a “banking-centric” workshop for information security & technology professionals, so we are very excited to announce that we have solidified our dates, and putting together an incredible educational lineup. Whether you are an experienced financial IT professional, or new to the industry, our lessons are geared to benefit a broad range of levels.


October 4th - 6th, 2023 Breaking Into Banking - Getting Technology and Security Professionals Involved

  • Meant for technology and security professionals in community banking who want to expand their knowledge about banking and how their roles fit into the big picture.
  • The $475.00 registration fee will cover the 2.5 day workshop with many topics and exercises on how IT and IS are incorporated into banking and how technology and security professionals can better understand their bank and give themselves great opportunities. 
  •  This will be an interactive workshop that will have limited seats so that there can be significant one-on-one and discussion time among the participants.
  •  A project will be completed during the workshop that can be brought back to the bank as a deliverable - some data gathering will need to be done before the workshop
  •  All meals will be provided and an evening movie on the second day
  •  Workshop will operate under Chatham House rules so that there can be open discussion.


  • Strategy of a bank - where we fit in.
  • Understanding your bank's financials - how you can incorporate financial data into your technology/security processes?
  • Loans and relationship managers - how does tech and security fit into the process?
  • Regulatory needs - what's upcoming, what are our responsibilities, what should we know/keep track of?
  • Compliance - how to make this easier for ourselves and our bank?
  • Legal / Law Enforcement - what they are seeing and what we need to pay attention to?
  • Vendor Management - It's more than the checkboxes, how we fit into this
  • Technology - what are other banks using and how did they get there?
  • Security - what's realistic for our banks?
  • Final project work - how we can incorporate all this into ensuring our banks have solid technology and security programs?