Keep password importance and safety top of mind

Apr 13, 2021

By Sean Smith

Tips for keeping your passwords secure

  1.  Modify passwords frequently. Changing important passwords every three months (90 days) is highly recommended, but you can change your passwords even more often.
  2. Improve the complexity of your password. Make the password long and use a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, upper-case and lower-case characters. One example of a strong password: cH@ng3y0urp@5$w0rd. You can use phrases, changing some of the letters to symbols. Remember: the longer your password, the better. 
  3. Don’t use the same password across multiple accounts. Once cybercriminals crack one password, they will test that same password across other accounts.
  4. Don’t write your password down. Leaving evidence of your password will create an opportunity for someone to steal it.
  5. Don’t use personal information—such as dates, the names of your spouse, children or pets—in your password. These details are easily accessible via social media.
  6. Make use of multifactor authentication (MFA), which involves an extra method of verification and adds an additional layer of security when you sign into your accounts.

How to reset your password

Select ctrl alt del > Change a Password > When prompted, type in your old password and your new password: This completes the reset.

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